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Kearflex Engineering is the industry leader when it comes to diaphragm based pressure sensing solutions.  Our 50 years of experience provides a unique perspective that combines time-tested and contemporary insight into sensor integration on a variety of unique applications.

From single metallic diaphragms to complex system monitoring solutions, we can custom design and manufacture exactly what you need for your specific application. Switches, air data interface, isolation diaphragms for transducers as well as industrial and aerospace Delta P measurement requirements are using Kearflex technology to provide reliable mechanical output in supporting their product needs.

Our corporate and manufacture facility is safe, clean and ergonomic. Our engineering staff has a rich history of problem solving and integration expertise available for every need.

Kearflex is a responsible and sustainable partner on many critical programs and remains a sole source and designated self-release vendor from some of the world's largest and most well-respected companies in the aerospace field.


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